Emergency Roof Repair

black and white photo of storm damaged home

What’s Actually Considered A Roofing Emergency?

Most roof repairs should be considered urgent, at least when compared to other kinds of home repairs. After all, your roof is in charge of protecting some pretty valuable stuff. However, there are some roofing issues that should not be pushed off even just a few hours. A tree, for example, that has fallen through your roof is considered an emergency. Without a barrier protecting your home’s interior from the elements, a tree through your roof is nothing to be taken lightly. Missing shingles or flashing are another emergency roof repair. These missing shingles are a major leak threat and will allow water to come in whenever it rains.

If an area of your roof has been so badly damaged that you need to put a tarp over it, that’s also considered a roofing emergency. In fact, a quick patch job may be necessary to prevent costly water damage. Finally, if your roof has been fully or partially destroyed by fire, you need emergency roof repair for your Cantonment and Pensacola, FL property. When it comes to fire, it’s hard to know if the home’s structural integrity has been compromised. Therefore, it’s impossible to know if a roof collapse is on the horizon. In the event of fire, it’s best to leave the premises until it can be inspected by a professional. Call us today at (850) 446-6450 to get started.

My Roof is Leaking. Do I Need to Call a Professional Now?

Roof leaks are another thing not to be taken lightly. Water coming through your roof can cause mold, water stains, electrical issues, and if neglected, even total roof collapse. However, a slow, small leak may not be as urgent as a gaping crack, for example. Hail damage, while it should not be overlooked, is not something you need to call your roofer over in the middle of the night. While hail impact does weaken your roof’s long-term durability, it generally does not cause damage requiring immediate attention. Instead, call (850) 446-6450 at your earliest convenience. We will work with your insurance company and help you file a roof insurance claim.

woman catching water from roof in bucket

When Life Goes Wrong, We’ll Get it Right

We never think that a tree is going to fall on our roof. Or a fire is going to consume a portion of your home’s covering. Or a meteor is going to crash through your roof and onto your lap. But life happens. And when it does, having your resources in order can make the difference between a quick cleanup or a slow, drawn-out process that goes on seemingly forever. If you want emergency roof repair done right the first time around, call the roofing experts at L and K Roofing. Our roofing contractors have decades of experience and can help you get back to normal faster. Dial (850) 446-6450 in your time of need.

However, it is important that homeowners realize that conditions need to be safe for a professional to climb up on your roof. If it’s raining and windy in the middle of the night, we have to wait for unfavorable conditions to pass before we can dispatch a roofing contractor. Nevertheless, feel free to call us any time and we’ll work quickly to schedule you in as soon as possible. So if you find yourself in need of emergency roof repair in Cantonment and Pensacola, FL, dial (850) 446-6450 when disaster strikes.