Roof Storm Damage Repair in Cantonment and Pensacola, FL

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We Provide Storm Damage Roof Repairs and More

Every day, your roof is at the mercy of the elements. Rain showers, gusts of wind, hailstorms, and bright sun threaten your roof all day. While most roof damage is caused by natural wear-and-tear, sometimes an emergency can occur. While no one ever plans to need storm damage roof repair, it’s important to know who to call in case the need ever arises. Disaster can happen to anyone at any time. Whether caused by a fire, tornado, felled power lines, fallen tree branches, strong winds, or heavy rain, if you are facing a roofing emergency, it’s good to know you have a reliable network of roofers on your team. Our roofing contractors can help you pick up the pieces and get back to normal after an emergency. Dial (850) 446-6450 to get started on your roof storm damage repair in Cantonment and Pensacola, FL.

Indicators That Your Home Incurred Storm Damage on the Roof

There are some obvious and other not so evident indicators that your roof has sustained damage. Seeing something like a tree branch through your roof means you need to call for help. But roof storm damage sometimes is not so apparent. Hail damage is not noticeable from the ground, but over time, hail impacts can deteriorate your roof and cause issues in the future. For this reason, if you file a roof insurance claim for roof damage, your insurance policy will likely replace the entire roof even if minimal apparent damage occurred. You can also inspect your attic for leaks or other indications of water damage. While water stains may only manifest themselves in the attic, if the leak is bad enough, you might start seeing water stains on your ceiling and walls, too.

If you prefer avoiding climbing on the roof, there are signs of damage that can be noticed from the ground. Curling, cracked, or shingles that are altogether missing are indicators that roof storm damage repair may be an upcoming expenditure. Asphalt shingles, portions of shingles, or metal fascia strewn about the property are other obvious signs that you need roof repair. And if you do feel okay getting up on the roof, you should check around exhaust pipes, valleys, and outer angles for any potential damage as well.

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Choose the L and K Roofing Difference

Headquartered in the Cantonment and Pensacola, FL area, our residential roofers are licensed and can fix damaged and leaking roofs at short notice. While a simple roof repair may be enough to fix certain compromised areas, if the damage is really bad, a whole new roof might be necessary. No matter what your situation, give the roofing experts at L and K Roofing a call at (850) 446-6450. No project is too overwhelming and no project is too trivial. Investing in premium roofing services now means you’ll be saving money in the future while enhancing your home’s structural integrity. 

If bad weather has your home in need of roof storm damage repair, your homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all the repair or replacement costs. Generally speaking, when roof damage occurs suddenly or accidentally, your insurance policy will cover it. This includes things like hail damage, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like. The best way to know what is covered is to reach out to your insurance company and review the specifics of your policy, including what’s included and what your deductible may or may not be. At L and K Roofing, we work with your insurance company to help you file any necessary claims. And because we work for you, not the insurance company, we won’t rest until you are satisfied with the level of service you receive. As an A-rated Better Business Bureau member and in business for over thirty years, you can be certain that when you hire L and K Roofing for your roof storm damage repair, you’re hiring the best. Call us today at (850) 446-6450 for a free consultation and estimate.

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